Hey y’all, I’m Katie. Sarah Katherine is the full name, which was shortened to Skath by those ever so close to me. Well, really I put it on my license plate when I was a teenager and my now boyfriend (then friend, who I maybe thought was a bit cute) teased me to no end about my “vanity plate”. It was rude, I know, but again, he’s cute. Then the full nickname took on and basically I will forever have the “SKATH” license plate and name. So now that you know the long winded version of the story behind my blog name, a little about me. I hail from the deep south (Roll Tide!) and have been in different parts of Alabama my whole life, with a brief stint of a year in Atlanta after college. I work in European regulatory capital reporting by day; I love how fancy the title sounds – but I’m just a boring ole CPA for a bank. As accountants we never get cool sounding titles that have an element of mystery / what in the world does that mean about them, which is completely unfair! But I digress. I have two dogs who I love more than most people (some days more than all people, let’s be honest). Aside from traveling and researching, my main hobby is my gym routine. If you’re a type A, high strung, control freak like me, go lift a dumbbell, I promise you it’s basically euphoric stress relief for people like us. I enjoy tailgating in the fall, baseball in the summer, and exploring new restaurants and breweries whenever given the chance.


I absolutely love to travel. I am one of those weirdos that possibly loves the researching leading up to the trip just as much as the trip itself – it makes the whole thing so much more special. I am most definitely a world – wide (more like immediate friends and family, maybe my dogs from time to time) renowned trip expert (okay, fine, professional Google researcher).  I wouldn’t even say I have a bucket list, I would just say I want to go there and I want to go now; wherever “there” is. I’m so envious of the people that got to travel around so much as a teenager or study abroad / take time after college and just travel. I didn’t get those opportunities but I am determined to make up for them and then some! I love everything from exploring new day trips, to weekend getaways, shorter domestic trips, and long visits abroad. I’m not yet in the life of luxury of multiple week vacations so currently I focus on where I can go within 5-7 days max. I love to do all the research of how to get the most for any budget, find the best food, drink the best drinks, and be educated enough to not waste tons of time wandering but not so scheduled like a school fieldtrip.


The idea of the blog started by just having a centered hub for my repertoire of research. I wanted a place where I could collect my thoughts and see the evolutions of my trips from just out of college penny pinching trips to (hopefully) more glamorous vacations as life goes on. I also hope to write about questions I have had for specific trips that maybe I had to do tons of digging online to find answers, or could only find answers from 5-10 years ago knowing it could be stale data. I also love deals. I love feeling like I got good value for my dollar. The experiences of so many bloggers have helped me plan trips I felt were very undervalued for what I paid compared to what I received. I hope to pay that forward to someone. So enough about me, I hope to entertain you and also educate you on my experiences in the planning and enjoying stages of my trips. Of course, please send any questions or comments or topics you want to know more about my way! Happy traveling!!

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